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"My idea of rich is that you can buy every book you ever want without looking at the price and you’re never around assholes. That’s the two things to really fight for in life."

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That’s the most beautiful dream.

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Don’t let this picture fool you, the line for the SECONDS signing is like 200 deep (at Powell’s City of Books)

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More recent Batman illustrations from Mazzucchelli. Notice how his style has evolved…almost Alex Toth-ish. 

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from Passing English of the Victorian Era

I’m gonna bring this back if it’s the last thing I do

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Flipping through the huge @fareldal interview in the new DRAW magazine, and there’s basically a full page ad for my comic! LOLZ thanks Farel and Draw Mag.

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Tony Salmons, Dakota North #1, 1986

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First wave of @kickstarter rewards going out! All this and more leaving the nest on Monday, with more to come in the next few weeks. #Studygroup #comics #iwah #haunter w/@fareldal and @sam_alden

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Behind the Scenes of Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) Part IV

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Follow me and reblog this post to be entered to win an Artist’s Proof of this print! http://bit.ly/ghostmakers

I’m giving away FOUR prints! You can also enter on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Printing Andrice Arp’s new mini, Occupation. CAKE 2014 debut

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Flash Gordon, German lobby card. West German theatrical release 1981

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