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damn. RIP



SERGIO TOPPI 1932-2012

Word is getting around that the great Sergio Toppi has died. He was one of my heroes, and a true genius of the medium. His approaches to inking and composition especially, are unparalleled. I love how much emotion and age he can convey with how he inks fabric and rock, and how much I think of their past when I look at them. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t look at his work for insight into my own. I’m going to miss him.

Some slight good news is that three of his books are due to be published in the United States this year, from Archaia: new editions of Sharaz-De and Scenes from the Bible in October, as well as The Collector in December.

Also: Here’s a full strip, called Little Big Horn

Farewell, Sergio.


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